What is redislite

The redislite module contains a complete redis server along with enhanced redis bindings that automatically set up and run the embedded redis server when accessed and shutdown and cleanup the redis server when python exits.

Enhanced Redis Bindings

The enhanced redis bindings include extended versions of the redis.Redis() and redis.StrictRedis() classes. It also contains functions to patch the redis module to use these new extended classes.

Secure By Default

Redislite defaults to a redis server configuration that is more secure than the default configuration for the redis server. This is due to the following differences:

  • Redislite defaults to using unix domain sockets for the redis connection. So the server is not accessible over the computer network by default.
  • Redislite locks down the permissions of the unix domain sockets used to only allow the creating user access.

Backwards Compatibility

To provide compatibility with existing python code that uses the redis bindings. Redislite provides functions to patch the redis module to use the redislite module. This allows most existing code that uses redis to use the redislite features.